General conditions

When making the reservation of an accommodation the following General Conditions will come into force,
that will rule the rental contract for seasonal accommodation between you and the Property, with
Lightbooking intermediation (Lightbooking SL, Cif: B72317100).
1- Payment and contracting conditions
You can make your reservation on the internet searching platforms, by telephone, by
email or on our own web page. Your reservation will be confirmed once the booking form is received
fully completed and the payment of the initial deposit ( which amount is indicated in the reservation ) has gone through ( by credit card or bank transfer )
When making the first payment the client / tenant also declares that he has read and understood the general conditions of Lightbooking SL and that accepts the
same. Lightbooking SL reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the payment has not been made one day after making the booking.
If reservations are made in the last five days before the check-in date, the total amount must be paid.
2- Payment method
- 50% in advance when booking by bank transfer or credit card. -
The remaining balance (50%) must be paid on the check-in date (Check-in) at the
- Payment method: bank transfer / Credit card.
- Lightbooking SL reserves the right to cancel the reservation without notifying the guest in case the entire
amount of the reservation has not been received on the dates indicated. In this case the
client / tenant can not claim or demand the fulfillment of the reservation or therefund of the amount already paid.
3- Prices
- Published prices may be modified without prior notice.
4- Check-in and Check-out
The check-in time will take place between 15:00 and 00:00 hours, and the check out time before
11:00 a.m. in the morning. If the client cannot get to the accommodation during the day of
arrival or delivery of keys due to any inconvenience during the trip or any other personal reasons, as well as if the client wish to shorten the stay,
Lightbooking SL will not make any refund.
5- Cancellation of the contract by the customer and Refunds
The client has the right to cancel the reservation according to the the following conditions:
• 100% refund of the amount charged if the contract is canceled up to 30 days before check-in date once the management
costs of Lightbooking SL. have been discounted.
• There will be no refunds after this period.
• In case of refunds, the management cost will be 3%. A cancellation is considered to be made at the time
Lightbooking SL has received the written cancellation by the telematic means stipulated for this purpose.
6- Relocation or contract cancellation by Lightbooking SL
In cases of force majeure or unavoidable impossibility of accommodation in the selected property,
Lightbooking SL will offer you the possibility of choosing (when available) between re-locating the client
in a different accommodation with similar characteristics, or canceling the contract, refunding the total amount
paid by the client.
7- Customer Obligations
The occupancy of the accommodation will be limited to the number of people indicated in the contract,
counting children and babies also as individual clients regarding occupation. The
owner or key manager may prevent entry to the accommodation in the
case of exceeding the allowed number. If the tenant exceeds the agreed capacity, he will incur
at an extra charge per night and may be evicted.
Upon arrival a deposit stipulated in the booking conditions will be paid at the accommodation by credit card.
It will be returned by bank transfer or credit card after checking up the property, within a maximum period of 7 days
counting from check-out date, taking into account the following conditions:

• The first and most important obligation of the client is to fill in the form “Check-in
online ”, where personal details of the occupants of the house are indicated. This norm
is applicable in all countries of the European Union and is regulated by the Organic Rule
4/2015, March 30, about the protection of citizen security -article 25.1- (BOE No. 77, of March 31) and by Decree 393/1974, February 7,
about Identification and Registration of users of certain tourist establishments and of
renters of vehicles with or without a driver (BOE No. 43, February 19).